The Team Angel's wish

Abhirup Dutta

A disciple of Mr. Amyt Dutta is a teacher by profession. The curator and sound designer for Angels Wish's music. Perfection with expression is the main mantra of quality production. The lead string man of the band continuously does experiments with tones and different forms of music.

Susobhan Bhowmick

An MBA-ite and a businessman. The founder, creator, moderator and the lead marketer of Angels Wish. His strategic and calculative way of marketing has been helping the band for scaling heights. Passionate about music and loves to play the guitars. His playing reflects the hard works, efforts and dedications to generation the sound of Angel's Wish.


The Bass Man. Controls the groove section of the band. Known best for his stage presence and high energy performance. Music teacher of Calcutta Music Academy.


The cold blooded beater. He isn't the show stealer. He likes to play to the song and for the song. Free him and he blows you up with his kick techniques.


He is young, energetic and a diehard Axl Rose fan. His heart melting vocals will get you into the groove. He can shock you (for good) with his high pitch voice and rock elements.


A team man and enthusiast, designs the backdrop and sets the stage ready for any song that Aw plays.